September is National Recovery Month

Every year in the United States, September is recognized as the National Drug and Alcohol Month. It is usually this time of year that the government urges everyone to acknowledge and call attention to issues about overcoming alcohol and drug related problems.

Even though negative emotions like agony and distress are closely associated with drug and drinking problems, September is actually a positive time. Recovery month is all about conveying the message that there is hope for all the people dealing with this kind of problem. Various support groups and treatment programs that can help alcoholics and drug users overcome this problem are introduced and endorsed. There are also people who used to alcoholics or drug addicts who share testimonials of how they beat the addiction. For people who are recovering drug addicts or alcoholics there are also halfway houses or sober houses which can reduce the risk of a relapse.

If you happen to be having this problem or had gone to a treatment program, then this is a great time for you to share your thoughts and experiences to other people undergoing the same dilemma. Or, if you are trying to find a treatment program, you can look up various online resources dedicated to situations such as yours which can help you find the right treatment program for you. This is actually the point of having a National Recovery Month, that there are people out there who understand your fears and anxieties and are willing to help you overcome this dark time of your life.

Every day, there are countless people out there who overcome drug and alcohol addictions and National Recovery Month is used as an opportunity not only to celebrate the human triumph over these dangerous addictions, but to inspire others to seek treatment as well.