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Addiction, whether from drugs or alcohol, is a dangerous disease that affects not only the addict’s life and health, but the lives of family and friends as well. Exposure to the addict’s struggles can be mentally and emotionally draining. It is really painful to watch a loved one battle his/her addiction without knowing what to do to help.


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g with a recovering addict is especially stressful. Not knowing how to approach them can be really frustrating and nerve-racking. Should you act as though nothing happened or should you e careful with your words and actions? The following are some tips on how to support a recovering addict.

Be Involved

Getting involved with the addict’s recovery process is a very crucial step towards your loved one’s recovery. If you educate yourself with the process of recovery, you will gain knowledge on how you can support your recovering loved one the best you can.

Nurture a Sober Environment

The biggest threat on an addict’s recovery process is a chance of a relapse. Do everything you can do to prevent this from happening. This means keeping a sober environment for your recovering loved one. If he/she is a recovering alcoholic, then don’t keep any alcohol inside your home. The family members should also be supportive of this sober environment. This means everyone in the family should be sober as well.

Give the Recovering Addict Your All-Out Support

Usually, addiction is caused by the person in question’s inability to cope with all of life’s stress effectively. Reducing the amount of stress that is present in their lives will greatly help the recovering addict. If you notice the recovering addict being overwhelmed with the pressures of life like bills to pay and/or their struggle with addiction, be sure to help them out whatever way you can.

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