Transitional Housing

Sees-the-Day Recovery Houses provide the recovering addict and/or alcoholic with a safe, supportive living environment conducive to the spiritual and emotional growth vital to recovery from chemical dependency. Residents are required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings (90 in 90 days). They are also required to maintain employment or perform 25 hours of community service each week. Day-to-day household chores are shared, helping residents take responsibility for themselves while learning to live in harmony with others. In addition to Recovery Houses for men and women seeking a clean and sober lifestyle.
For recommendations on the most appropriate treatment, please email director@sees-the-day.com

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How Much Does it Cost?

Residents are responsible for their own recovery. Sees-the-Day provides the safe place to attain it. Following are the costs:

  • Initial Cost: $480.00
  • Security Deposit: $ 200
  • Two Weeks Rent: $ 230 ($120 per week x 2)
  • Two Weeks Food: $ 40 ($20 per week x 2)
  • Food No Key Deposit

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