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Sees-the-Day, Inc., located in York, Pennsylvania, operates as a three-quarter or transitional housing program. It differs from a halfway house in part because there is no formal or professional counseling on-site. Residents are encouraged to attend aftercare sessions at outpatient facilities within the community. Moreover, house members are required to be actively involved in a 12-Step recovery program. They must attend AA or NA meetings daily (90 meetings in 90 days). Residents are also required to maintain employment or perform at least 25 hours of community service weekly. Members’ responsibilities include participation in the day-to-day operations of the house.

Sees-the-Day, Inc. is not affiliated with any state or federal agencies and is mainly supported through the residents’ weekly rent and food monies.


Mission & Philosophy
How the House Works
Benefits of Sees-the-Day, Inc.
Goals and Objectives
How Much Does it Cost?

Mission & Philosophy

The mission of Sees-the-Day, Inc. is to provide the recovering addict and alcoholic with safe and supportive housing. We are also committed to creating a drug-free, stable and structured environment that’s conducive to emotional and spiritual growth and development. Our philosophy stems from the belief that recovery, which is extremely difficult, becomes easier when you are closely aligned and living with others trying to achieve the same objective. Residents receive the necessary tools to take responsibility for their recovery, thus insuring long-term sobriety and a smooth transition back into society.

How the House Works

Sees-the-Day, Inc. provides its members with a safe and supportive environment, free from isolation, a major factor in relapse. In addition, it provides a geographic change from people, places and things. The house is run democratically with elected officers. At Sees-the-Day, residents will learn a new way of living and have the opportunity to regain emotional, spiritual and financial health.

Benefits of Sees-the-Day, Inc.

Sees-the-Day, Inc. offers the recovering alcoholic and addict a variety of benefits:

  • Small group size (six people to a house)
  • Choice of eleven different locations
  • Relapse prevention
  • Supportive environment
  • Springboard for long-term recovery
  • Financial stability
  • Establishment of employment history

Goals and Objectives

Sees-the-Day, Inc. has established the following goals and objectives for its residents:

  • Live a substance-free lifestyle.
  • Live responsibly.
  • Build self esteem.
  • Learn life skills.
  • Attain spiritual, physical and mental health.

How Much Does it Cost?

Residents are responsible for their own recovery. Sees-the-Day provides the safe place to attain it. Following are the costs:

  • Initial Cost: $480.00
  • Security Deposit: $ 200
  • Two Weeks Rent: $ 230 ($120 per week x 2)
  • Two Weeks Food: $ 40 ($20 per week x 2)
  • Food No Key Deposit


PAAR Certified

Sees the Day received its certification from the Pennsylvania Alliance Recovery Residence or PARR. We opted to get this certification to separate us from the many recovery houses in York, PA . Being part of PARR is a way to show our commitment to excellence and that Sees the Day is striving to adhere to the highest standards.

Level – 1
Level – 2

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